Packaging & Converting

GB Bond adhesives are well-known for their consistenty and reliability. These products perform over a wide range of temperatures and adhere to a diversity of paper boards and coating materials, making them excellent accessories in book binding, case sealing and tissue bonding applications. The excellent machining characteristics of these products enable optimum speed for machining operations with minimal downtime.

Case Sealing / Closing

Applications Product Code
Non-varnished surfaces GB300
Varnished surfaces GB509 (Food grade FDA 175.105)
GB478 (Premium grade)
GB435 (Fast setting)
GB502 (Nozzle application)
Non-varnished surfaces GB451
OPP laminated surfaces GB557
Wax bag converting GB471

Book Binding

Applications Product Code
Casing-In PVC GB727
Paper board GB420
Anti-wrapped GB835
Padding / Invoicing GB323


Applications Product Code
Pick-up / Tail Sealing GB324