GB Bond stands out from other adhesives and polymers on the market for several reasons.

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Quality Control

How do we ensure the best quality products for you all the time?


R & D center

In the lab, we create and develop new adhesives and polymers to meet the current market needs.

Adhesive & Polymer Solutions For Any Industry

GB Chemical is a leading developer and manufacturer of a complete range of standard and custom water-based adhesives and polymers under the brand name GB Bond.

Located in Penang, Malaysia, GB offers the best cost-effective adhesive and polymer bonding solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications including laminating adhesives, tile adhesives, glue bonding, and much more.


To be the world's leading adhesive and polymer manufacturer

It is our assurance to our stakeholders that GB will be around many years from now to support them with innovative and useful products and services.

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What are the general requirements that MUST be fulfilled for a window patching adhesive?

How do I calculate the glue consumption in Finger Jointing?

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